FMOD Events Exporter (Free)

Exporting events events to a spreadsheet

Exporting events events to a spreadsheet


  • - Export events to spreadsheets using TSV/CSV formats
  • - Import events from TSV/CSV files
  • - Easy export: copy the generated CSV/TSV text and paste it directly into the spreadsheet
  • - Fixed 13-column format based on the Game Audio Academy spreadsheet format


Documentation is mostly useful to the game developer. Having that in mind, here are my recommendations so you can make the most out of this script:


Add a tag to the event: loop, one-shot or cast

It will correspond to the Effect Type column

Prefix event names with sfx_, mus_ or scp_

It will be mapped to the Type column, and the prefixes will be respectively converted to the labels SFX, Music or Soundscape when exporting.

Fill the event Notes

Just cause it might be useful.

Add a User Property to the event named task.

It will become the first column, which is the name of the event: Task


You can also generate a skeleton project by importing events from a spreadsheet (TSV/CSV), which can be done by following these steps:

  • 1. Export a spreadsheet to a file **without** including its headers in the first line.
  • 2. Select Import/Export > Import Events from CSV/TSV...
  • 3. Choose the exported file
  • 4. Done! The events have been imported to your project.

The table below shows how the event properties are mapped from the columns of the spreadsheet.

Column(s)FMOD (Contents)


Generates a User Property named task


This column will be ignored since the event name will be generated by the combination of the Type and Task columns


It must match one of these values: SFX, Music or Soundscape, resulting in the addition of a tag to the event.

It will also be used to group events by type in folders. This is how it works:

  • 1. If this column (Type) is set, the event will be added to the corresponding folder (SFX, Music or Soundscape)
  • 2. Otherwise, it will be added to the master events folder.

Type + Task

Combined, these columns will generate the event name whose definition strategy is as follows:

  • 1. Special characters are removed
  • 2. Diacritics (accented letters) are normalized. E.g. áàãäç turns into aaaac
  • 3. Spaces become underscores (snake_case format)
  • 4. The Type column will be used as a prefix

For example, an "Capture Trophy" event of the "SFX" type will be named sfx_capture_trophy and will be located in the SFX folder


If it's 3D, a Spatializer will be added

Other info/Questions

It's the event Notes


In order to generate docs from the events of your FMOD project, select `Import/Export > Export as...`.
Here is how this process works:



Becomes a User Property: task


Will follow this pattern:


There are two possibilities:
1 - if the event is prefixed with sfx_, mus_ or scp_, the corresponding label will be used (SFX, Music or Soundscape)
2 - otherwise, the identification will be made based on the existence of one of these tags: sfx, music or soundscape.


3D if a Spatializer is found; 2D otherwise

Effect Type

Depends on one of these tags: one-shot, loop or cast


The event parameters, following this format:
min: [min_value]
max: [max_value]
init: [initial_value]

Other info/Questions

The event Notes


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